Thursday, December 13, 2012

Have You Ever Been Convicted of a Felony?

Well Well Kiddies and Go-Getters, What is your answer?

As we all know a standard question on Every job application besides that of a street pharmacist , there is the dreaded question.. Have you ever been convicted of a felony? or Have you been convicted of a felony in the last 5 years? You know way at the bottom of the page. DON'T BOTHER TELLING THE TRUTH, THIS IS WHY.. YOU WILL BE JUDGED AGAIN WHETHER YOU HAVE SERVED YOUR TIME OR ARE CURRENTLY ON PAROLE OR PROBATION. YOUR PUNISHMENT CONTINUES...

We are here to say that this is the most misleading question on Earth to have ever been put on a job application. Why? Because it leads the job seeker to believe that there is a chance in HELL's Heaven that they can be considered for the position which they are applying for. When honestly speaking, you are condemned with a simple misdemeanor.

Thats right Girls and BOYS, you will not get hired even if you only have misdemeanors!
Don't you know that everyone is your JUDGE and JURY! Why bother going to court to see Judge Ash when you can simply fill out a job application and allow the employer to base everything about you on your response to the question.

Background checks don't identify the job seeker who has been going to rehab for 3 years, or who hasnt been arrested in 5 years, or who used to sell drugs, has served an extended sentence and now wants to contribute to a healthy society. Oh No, Those employers will judge you Misdemeanor or felony.

Case in point: Who better to Catch a THIEF in retail? Hire rehabilitated Boosters to watch your Clothing store and I bet a single item won't make it out the door!

Need a BookKeeper; Hire a Drug Czar, believe me they KNOW NUMBERS

 and Finally for all of those companys who need SALES Representatives, an ex Crack or Pill addict will do the trick, they have had to make up every excuse in the book to get what they need and NEVER EVER accepted No for an Answer!

Oh and one more for those of you wondering about my inspiration for this Rant and Rave,
1680 S. Church Street Murfreesbor Tennessee 615-895-1073

Is currently staffing for a mystery company which needs individuals to verify College Credentials of Resume Submitters. Meaning you call Universities and speak to tempermental Registars all day in order to get information which they do not have to release to you concerning degrees, accredidations, diplomas ect. Who better to hire than a person honest enough to admit they have misdemeanors or felonies, they told the TRUTH!

Qualifications:40 wpm, Positive attitude, Excellent verbal and communication skills, and the ability to speak and think on your toes.

Oh but one more thing: Their application asks for felonys but they judge you on MISDEMEANORS! AND WHEN YOU EXPLAIN WHAT YOUR CHARGES ARE ONCE ASKED FOR THE TRUTH YOU ARE BETTER OFF LYING! the truth will get you knowhere and they are verifying truths.  go-figure!


If you are currently struggling to find acceptable employment and you cant get past a criminal record, contact Second Life Services for a user friendly list of honest employers offering a solution to changing lifestyles!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

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